Diabetes and Emergencies

Your Diabetes Emergency Plan

When you live with a chronic medical condition, such as Diabetes - diligence, foresight, and advanced preparation are truly important.

When an emergency situation or natural disaster strikes:

This disruption of your normal routine, and your limited access to the much-needed resources can and will create chaos in your normally orderly life.

Being caught unprepared for these types of events can be potentially life-threatening to a Person With Diabetes.

Emergencies tend to happen when we least expect them, and when we are least prepared for them, as well. An Emergency Kit, prepared well in advance, and regularly checked and it's contents updated, is the best way to avoid getting trapped unprepared.

Your Diabetes Emergency Plan is a way to keep everything you will need to survive an expected, disruptuve event, which will either leave you stranded away from home, or force you to leave your home for an extended period of time. It may also leave you and your loved one's at home, without lights, electricity or a way to communicate with the outside world for several days, or longer.

You should prepare for this event by purchasing a:

and place all of the item which you will need within this box.

What to Include:

  • Purchase a 5x8 (or 8-1/2x11) inch Notebook

  • Entries In This Notebook should include: